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Projects Now and Future  Nicaraguan Sign Language Projects, Inc.

In the past, NSLP funded or subsidized salaries of Deaf teachers while they pursued formal teaching certificates.  The Nicaraguan Ministry of Education now directly employs the Deaf teacher trained by NSLP.  NSLP continues to cover living costs for a Deaf student who is pursuing teacher certification.

NSLP subsidizes the salary of the Deaf teacher at the government school.

OUTREACH PROJECT:  NSLP is not conducting outreach projects at this time, but continues to provide material support to other NGOs serving Deaf children in Nicaragua.

      a) Nicaraguan Sign Language Grammar on-line tutorials:  On July 13, 2014, we made available on YouTube our first tutorial, called Nicaraguan Sign Language Grammar Lesson 1.  This video runs 37 minutes and is presented in Nicaraguan Sign Language with English captioning.  (Spanish captioned version in production.)

      b) Publication in 2017 of the Second Edition of our Nicaraguan Sign Language Handbook.  This text explains in both Spanish and English many of the most important principles of the grammar and syntax of Nicaraguan Sign Language, and also features about 1,100 glossary entries divided into topics. 

NICARAGUAN SIGN LANGUAGE HANDBOOK, by James Shepard-Kegl, translated into Spanish by Bertha Simmons and Nadiezhda Urbina Lugo (published by Nicaraguan Sign Language Projects, Inc., second edition 2017):  Download the Spanish version of the grammar and syntax sections and the glossary sections below.  

We have removed our Geography section from this website due to copyright concerns with some of the photographic illustrations.  Also, while NSLP endeavors to avoid infringement of intellectual property rights, some of the cartoon drawings or photos in the other sections may be subject to copyright.  This material is distributed to NSLP staff only for educational purposes, but, if you hold a copyright on any of the selected illustrations, please contact us.

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